Series 1-36 One-Piece Rigid Casters - Medium to Heavy Duty

Series 1-W36 One Piece Rigid Caster
with Polyurethane Wheel
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Series 1-W36 One Piece Rigid Caster
with Rubber Mold-on Wheel
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Capacity up to 1,200 lbs.
Wide top plate caster designed to bring cold-forged construction to users that require heavier duty service up to 1200 lbs. These casters have a wide 4 1/2" x 6 1/4" top plate. Lubricated, hardened roller bearings and ground bushings give you a caster that can withstand loads up to 1200 lbs. Powder coat finish fights corrosion. American made with superior quality control at every manufacturing step, these are the heavy-duty answers for demanding caster applications.

  • Heavy-duty platform trucks
  • Frame racks
  • Maintenance carts
  • Core & ice trucks
  • Assembly line dollies
  • Transport trailers

  • One-piece swivel caster fork construction. No welds assure less failure, longer life
  • 3/4" king bolt is orbit formed Unitized design provides longer life
  • Gray powder coat finish provides better corrosion resistance
  • Meets ASME B56 11-1 industry standards
Item #Wheel SizeBearing TypeStyleWheel TypeOverall HeightLoad Capacity
  1-W36-4-IRB4 RollerRigidSemi Steel5 5/8 Inch1000 lbs
  1-W36-4-RT4 RollerRigidRubber Mold-On5 5/8 Inch290 lbs
  1-W36-4-PDR4 RollerRigidPolyolefin5 5/8 Inch500 lbs
  1-W36-4-PO4 RollerRigidPolyurethane/Semi-Steel center5 5/8 Inch900 lbs
  1-W36-4-MC4RollerRigidPhenolic5 5/8 Inch800 lbs
  1-W36-5-IRB5RollerRigidSemi-Steel6 1/2 Inch1000 lbs
  1-W36-5-RT5 RollerRigidRubber Mold-On6 1/2 Inch350 lbs
  1-W36-5-PO5 RollerRigidPolyurethane6 1/2 Inch1000 lbs
  1-W36-5-PDR5 RollerRigidPolyolefin6 1/2 Inch650 lbs
  1-W36-5-MC5 RollerRigidPhenolic6 1/2 Inch1000 lbs
  1-W36-5-PDR-HD5 RollerRigidPolyolefin (HD)6 1/2 Inch1000 lbs
  1-W36-6-IRB6RollerRigidSemi Steel7 1/4 Inch1200 lbs
  1-W36-6-RT6 RollerRigidRubber Mold-On7 1/4 Inch410 lbs
  1-W36-6-PO6 RollerRigidPolyurethane7 1/4 Inch1100 lbs
  1-W36-6-MC6 RollerRigidPhenolic7 1/4 Inch1200 lbs
  1-W36-6-PDR-HD6 RollerRigidPolyolefin (HD)7 1/4 Inch1200 lbs
  1-W36-8-IRB 8 RollerRigid Semi-Steel 9 1/2 Inch1200 lbs
  1-W36-8-RT 8 RollerRigid Rubber Mold-On 9 1/2 Inch 500 lbs
  1-W36-8-PDR-HD 8 RollerRigid Polyolefin (HD) 9 1/2 Inch1200 lbs
  1-W36-8-PO 8 Roller Rigid Polyurethane 9 1/2 Inch 1200 lbs
  1-W36-8-MC 8 RollerRigid Phenolic 9 1/2 Inch 1200 lbs