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800 Polyurethane Wheel

800 polyurethane wheel

Capacity up to 750 lbs.
These wheels are excellent for heavy loads. A truly versatile type, for they can be used on virtually any floor surface. Application temperature ranges from -30° F to +180° F. Constructed of polyurethane 90 Durometer (± 5 Shore A). Outwears rubber four to ten times with twice the load capacity. Polyurethane deadens sound with the floor, protecting qualities of rubber. Designed and built with quality and performance in mind. These wheels are tougher and more cost-efficient. Resist scuffing and chipping out. They retain their new look, start easily, run quietly, and roll effortlessly.


  • Non-marking and non-staining.
  • Resistant to impact, shock and abrasion.
  • Not affected by oils, greases and most industrial solvents.

Email if you have any questions or would like to place an order. We offer wholesale pricing!

Item # Wheel Size (in) Bearing Type Tread Width (in) Hub Length (in) Bearing Size (in) Load Capacity (lbs)
803-RB 3 Roller/Less Bushing 1 14 1 12 12 290
804-RA 4 Roller/Less Bushing 1 12 1 1116 12 675
805-RC 5 Roller/Less Bearing 1 12 1 1516 34 750
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