Kohler Truck

This truck is used for moving cast iron tubs that are either in a wire bound or wood crate.
To simplify handling of these items , a built-in trucking strip is positioned on the upper rear of each crated unit. The two wheeled hand truck includes a length of angle steel at the top, allowing proper engagement and movement of the tubs in the non-palletized handling operation.

Trucking the tubs from the rear, so that the angle iron on the trucks engages the upper trucking strip on the crate. Making this the easiest and safest way to handle the tubs. Trucking from any other side or on the bottom angled foot of the hand truck can cause damage to the tub. Note: The bottom of the crate does
Not rest on the angled foot of the hand truck.
Item #HeightHandle LengthLoad CapacityWheelShip Weight
  Kohler Truck5060100010160