Steel Lever Dolly

Lever dollies are best used in pairs to lift each end of heavy machinery, crates or pallets so a moving dolly or forklift can be slid underneath.The new S-72-PO, all steel, heavy-duty lever pry bar dolly is completely USA manufactured. The lever dolly is an all-welded construction using heavy carbon steel. There are no cast metal parts or bolts.The 72" long handle is 1-3/4" OD x 1/8" wall steel tubing. The 3-1/2" long reverse beveled nose point and the handle back brace are made of 5/8" x 6" steel plate.The 5" x 2" polyurethane mold-on cast iron wheels roll easily on the 1-3/16" diameter axle. The lever dolly has an overall lifting height of 9" with a maximum load capacity of 6,500 lbs.The wheel base dimension is 11-1/2" W. x 10-1/2" DP. The finish is polyester powder coated green for protection and durability.Ship weight is 48 lbs.
Item #Handle LengthWheel SizeLoad Capacity
  S-72-PO72 Inch5 Inch x 2 Inch 6,500 lbs