Series 100 Semi-Steel Wheels

Capacity up to 2,700 lbs.
Look to Fairbanks for one of the broadest lines of semi-steel wheels in the industry. These wheels are made of cast iron to produce a high performance, abrasive resistant, long-wearing wheel. In many cases, these wheels will serve where steel or malleable iron wheels would otherwise be required. 4-inch wheels and larger are furnished with grease fittings in hub.

  • Cast iron construction ensures a high performance, abrasive resistant, long-wearing wheel.
Item #Wheel SizeShip Weight (lbs.)Tread WidthHub LengthBore or Bearing SizeLoad Capacity
  2-M2 Inch0.415/161 -1/161/4300 Lbs
  2-1/2-M2-1/2 Inch0.911-1/21/2450 Lbs
  2-1/2-MB2-1/2 Inch0.511-5/161/4400 Lbs
  2-1/2-MC2-1/2 Inch0.511-5/163/8400 Lbs
  2-1/2-MC-2-1/22-1/2 Inch0.611-5/161/4400 Lbs
  3-MB3 Inch1.11 1/41-1/23/8450 Lbs
  3-MC3 Inch1.11 1/41-1/21/2450 Lbs
  3-MC-3H3 Inch1.11 1/41-1/25/16450 Lbs
  3-MCR3 Inch1.21 1/41-1/21/2450 Lbs
  3-MCR-3H3 Inch1.21 1/41-1/25/16450 Lbs
  3-MCR-LB3 Inch1.11 1/41-1/215/16450 Lbs
  3-MCR-X3H3 Inch1.21 1/41-1/23/8450 Lbs
  3-MC-X3H3 Inch1.11 1/41-1/23/8450 Lbs
  104-B4 Inch1.61 1/41-1/21/2550 Lbs
  104-B-3H4 Inch1.61 1/41-1/25/16550 Lbs
  104-B-X3H4 Inch1.61 1/41-1/23/8550 Lbs
  42-MC4 Inch3.422 -3/163/41000 Lbs
  42-MC-P6HT4 Inch3.422 -3/161/21000 Lbs
  42-MRC4 Inch3.422 -3/163/41000 Lbs
  124-A5 Inch3.71-1/21-11/167/81000 Lbs
  5-MCR-5H5 Inch3.31-5/81-15/161/2700 Lbs
  5-MCR5 Inch3.31-5/81-15/165/8700 Lbs
  5-MCR-LB5 Inch3.21-5/81-15/161-3/16700 Lbs
  52-M-S6H5 Inch4.922-3/161/21000 Lbs
  52-MRC-P6HT5 Inch4.722-3/161/21000 Lbs
  52-M5 Inch4.922-3/163/41000 Lbs
  52-MRC5 Inch4.722-3/163/41000 Lbs
  145-RD-25-55 Inch7.12-1/22-3/43/41500 Lbs
  145-RD5 Inch6.92-1/22-3/411500 Lbs
  145-RD-LB5 Inch6.42-1/22-3/41-9/161500 Lbs
  136-B-P6HT6 Inch5.422-3/161/21200 Lbs
  136-RB-P6HT6 Inch5.422-3/161/21200 Lbs
  136-RA6 Inch5.422-3/165/81200 Lbs
  136-B6 Inch5.322-3/163/41200 Lbs
  136-RB6 Inch5.322-3/163/41200 Lbs
  136-RA-LB6 Inch5.122-3/161-3/161200 Lbs
  146-RD-25-56 Inch8.72-1/22-3/43/41500 Lbs
  146-RD6 Inch8.52-1/22-3/411500 Lbs
  136-RA-LB6 Inch5.12-1/22-3/41-9/161500 Lbs
  108-SRB-P6HT8 Inch8.222-3/161/21400 Lbs
  108-SRA8 Inch8.222-3/165/81400 Lbs
  108-SRB8 Inch8.322-3/163/41400 Lbs
  108-SRA-LB8 Inch7.922-3/161-3/161400 Lbs
  168-SRC-88 Inch9.52-1/22-3/45/82000 Lbs
  168-SRD-25-58 Inch9.52-1/22-3/43/42000 Lbs
  168-SRC8 Inch9.42-1/22-3/47/82000 Lbs
  168-SRD8 Inch9.32-1/22-3/412000 Lbs
  168-SRC-LB8 Inch8.72-1/22-3/41-9/162000 Lbs
  1308-SRD-T-108 Inch17.933-1/43/42500 Lbs
  1308-SRD8 Inch17.633-1/412500 Lbs
  1308-SRF8 Inch17.433-1/41-1/42500 Lbs
  1308-SRD-LB8 Inch16.233-1/41-15/162500 Lbs
  110-SRC-810 Inch14.42-1/22-3/45/82200 Lbs
  110-SRC-27-810 Inch14.32-1/22-3/43/42200 Lbs
  110-SRC10 Inch14.22-1/22-3/47/82200 Lbs
  110-SRD10 Inch14.12-1/22-3/412200 Lbs
  110-SRD-LB10 Inch13.532-3/41-9/162200 Lbs
  1310-SRD-T-1010 Inch22.933-1/43/42700 Lbs
  1310-SRD10 Inch22.633-1/412700 Lbs
  1310-SRF10 Inch22.433-1/41-1/42700 Lbs
  1310-SRD-LB10 Inch21.233-1/41-15/162700 Lbs