Aluminum Platform Trucks

Capacity up to 2,600 lbs.
Heavy-duty, extra strong, corrosion resistant aluminum platform trucks have a clean, attractive appearance and are constructed for heavy-duty applications. All aluminum decks feature is heavy-duty rubber bumpers on front and back corners. Applications include office, stockroom, warehouse, schools, laboratories, etc. Optional aluminum handle available
  • The frame is constructed with high-strength welded extruded aluminum channel with heavy-duty diamond pattern aluminum deck.
  • Optional removable aluminum handles can be placed on both or either end of the platform truck.
  • Two swivel and two rigid casters with roller bearing wheels in 5 Inch, 6 Inch, 8Inch or 10 Inch sizes.
Item #Deck SizeWheel SizeDeck HeightLoad CapacityWheel typeShip Wt
  AL-95-2448-RT24x485" X 2"9 1/41400Rubber Mold-On51.4
  AL-96-2448-RT24x486" X 2"10 1/21640Rubber Mold-On55.2
  AL-98-2448-RT24x488" X 2"12 1/42000Rubber Mold-On65.8
  AL-95-2448-PO24x485" X 2"9 1/42600Polyurethane Mold-On53
  AL-96-2448-PO24x486" X 2"10 1/22600Polyurethane Mold-On56.2
  AL-98-2448-PO24x488" X 2"12 1/42600Polyurethane Mold-On69
  AL-28-2448-FPN24x488" X 2 1/2"13 1/21200Full Pneumatic55.8
  AL-210-2448-FPN24x4810" X 3 1/2"15 1/21400Full Pneumatic63.4
  AL-25-2448-PRB24x485" X 2"9 1/42600Polyurethane/Polyethylene45
  AL-26-2448-PRB24x486" X 2"10 1/22600Polyurethane/Polyethylene47
  AL-28-2448-PRB24x488" X 2"12 1/42600Polyurethane/Polyethylene50
  AL-95-3060-RT30x605" X 2"9 1/41400Rubber Mold-On59.4
  AL-96-3060-RT30x606" X 2"10 1/21640Rubber Mold-On63.2
  AL-98-3060-RT30x608" X 2"12 1/42000Rubber Mold-On73.8
  AL-95-3060-PO30x605" X 2"9 1/42600Polyurethane Mold-On61
  AL-96-3060-PO30x606" X 2"10 1/22600Polyurethane Mold-On64.2
  AL-98-3060-PO30x608" X 2"12 1/42600Polyurethane Mold-On77
  AL-28-3060-FPN30x608" X 2 1/2"13 1/21200Full Pneumatic63.8
  AL-210-3060-FPN30x6010 X 3 1/2"15 1/21400Full Pneumatic71.4
  AL-25-3060-PRB30x605" X 2"9 1/42600Polyurethane/Polyethylene53
  AL-26-3060-PRB30x606" X 2"10 1/22600Polyurethane/Polyethylene55
  AL-28-3060-PRB30x608" X 2"12 1/42600Polyurethane/Polyethylene58