Series DU Ductile Iron Wheels

Capacity up to 4,000 lbs.
Considered one of the most rugged wheels in the industry. These superior service wheels will withstand the most severe treatment anywhere. Ductile iron material has a tensile strength of 40,000 psi. They'll handle loads up to 4,000 Ibs. Available with hardened alloy steel roller bearings or precision tapered bearings. Treads are fully machined so that they will distribute loads over the entire surface. Protects floors while providing a smooth ride. Ductile iron has an extremely high resistance to breakage, chipping or cracking, even under the heaviest impact loadings.

  • Ductile iron material has a tensile strength of 40,000 psi, making this wheel one of the most rugged in the industry
  • Can handle loads up to 4,000 Ibs
  • Resists breakage, chipping and cracking
Item #Wheel SizeShip Weight (lbs.)Tread WidthHub LengthBore or Bearing SizeLoad Capacity
  Ductile Iron5 Inch2-1/22-3/413500 Lbs
  DU-145-RD-25-55 Inch7.12-1/22-3/43/43500 Lbs
  DU-145-RD-LB5 Inch6.12-1/22-3/41-9/163500 Lbs
  DU-146-RD6 Inch8.82-1/22-3/413500 Lbs
  DU-146-RD-25-56 Inch9.02-1/22-3/43/43500 Lbs
  DU-146-RD-LB6 Inch8.12-1/22-3/41-9/163500 Lbs
  DU-1308-SRD8 Inch18.133-1/414000 Lbs
  DU-1308-SRD-LB8 Inch16.733-1/41-15/164000 Lbs
  DU-1308-SRD-T-108 Inch18.433-1/43/44000 Lbs
  DU-168-SRD8 Inch12.02-1/22-3/413500 Lbs
  DU-168-SRD-25-58 Inch12.32-1/22-3/43/43500 Lbs
  DU-168-SRD-88 Inch12.22-1/22-3/47/83500 Lbs
  DU-168-SRD-8DU8 Inch12.32-1/22-3/45/83500 Lbs
  DU-168-SRD-LB8 Inch11.22-1/22-3/41-9/163500 Lbs
  DU-1310-SRD10 Inch23.133-1/414000 Lbs
  DU-1310-SRD-LB10 Inch21.533-1/41-15/164000 Lbs