Series 800 Polyurethane/Mold-On Cast Iron Wheels

Capacity up to 3,000 lbs
These wheels are excellent for heavy loads. A truly versatile type, for they can be used on virtually any floor surface. Application temperature range from -30° F. to +180°F., and not affected by oils or greases and most industrial solvents. Constructed of polyurethane 90 Durometer (± 5 Shore A).Their non-marking, non-staining qualities combine with their resistance to impact, shock and abrasion. Outwears rubber four to ten times with twice the load capacity. Polyurethane also deadens sound with the floor-protecting qualities of rubber. Designed and built with quality and performance in mind. These wheels are tougher and more cost-efficient. Resist scuffing and chipping out. They retain their new look, start easily, run quietly and roll effortlessly.
  • Not affected by oils, greases and most industrial solvents.
  • Non-marking and non-staining.
  • Resistant to impact, shock and abrasion.
  • Outwears rubber four to ten times with twice the load capacity and floor-protecting qualities of rubber.
Item #Wheel SizeShip Weight (lbs.)Tread WidthHub LengthBore or Bearing SizeLoad Capacity
  803-RB3 Inch1.21-1/41-1/21/2290 Lbs
  803-RB-3H3 Inch1.21-1/41-1/25/16290 Lbs
  803-RB-LB3 Inch1.11-1/41-1/215/16290 Lbs
  803-RB-X3H3 Inch1.21-1/41-1/23/8290 Lbs
  1-8035-RX3 1/2 Inch1.31-1/41-1/21/2320 Lbs
  1-8035-RX-3H3 1/2 Inch1.51-1/41-1/25/16320 Lbs
  1-8035-RX-LB3 1/2 Inch1.41-1/41-1/215/16320 Lbs
  1-8035-RX-X3H3 1/2 Inch1.51-1/41-1/23/8320 Lbs
  804-RA4 Inch1.91-1/21-11/161/2675 Lbs
  804-RA-4H4 Inch1.91-1/21-11/163/8675 Lbs
  804-RA-LB4 Inch1.81-1/21-11/1615/16675 Lbs
  824-RB4 Inch2.822-3/165/8900 Lbs
  824-RB-LB4 Inch2.522-3/161-3/16900 Lbs
  824-RB-P6HT4 Inch2.822-3/161/2900 Lbs
  824-RC4 Inch2.722-3/163/4900 Lbs
  805-RB5 Inch2.71-1/21-15/165/8750 Lbs
  805-RB-5H5 Inch2.71-1/21-15/161/2750 Lbs
  805-RB-LB5 Inch2.41-1/21-15/161-3/16750 Lbs
  805-RC5 Inch2.61-1/21-15/163/4750 Lbs
  825-RB5 Inch3.422-3/165/81000 Lbs
  825-RB-LB5 Inch3.122-3/161-3/161000 Lbs
  826-RC-P6HT6 Inch4.922-3/161/21100 Lbs
  826-RB6 Inch4.722-3/165/81100 Lbs
  826-RC6 Inch4.622-3/163/41100 Lbs
  826-RB-LB6 Inch4.422-3/161-3/161100 Lbs
  836-RD-27-86 Inch6.92-1/22-3/43/41300 Lbs
  836-RD6 Inch6.82-1/22-3/47/81300 Lbs
  836-RD-LB6 Inch6.32-1/22-3/41-3/161300 Lbs
  808-SA-P6HT8 Inch7.722-3/161/21260 Lbs
  808-SX8 Inch7.622-3/165/81260 Lbs
  808-SA8 Inch7.522-3/163/41260 Lbs
  808-SX-LB8 Inch6.822-3/161-3/161260 Lbs
  808-SB8 Inch7.427/81260 Lbs
  808-SC8 Inch7.5211260 Lbs
  808-SB-LB8 Inch7.021-7/161260 Lbs
  858-SA-88 Inch11.82-1/22-3/45/81575 Lbs
  858-SM8 Inch11.32-1/22-3/43/41575 Lbs
  858-SA-27-88 Inch11.72-1/22-3/43/41575 Lbs
  858-SA8 Inch11.22-1/22-3/47/81575 Lbs
  858-SB8 Inch11.12-1/22-3/411575 Lbs
  858-SC8 Inch11.02-1/22-3/41-1/81575 Lbs
  858-SA-LB8 Inch10.02-1/22-3/41-9/161575 Lbs
  868-SB-T108 Inch15.933-1/43/42500 Lbs
  868-SB8 Inch15.533-1/412500 Lbs
  868-SY8 Inch15.433-1/41-1/82500 Lbs
  868-SW8 Inch15.233-1/41-1/42500 Lbs
  868-SB-LB8 Inch14.033-1/41-15/162500 Lbs
  810-SX-T1010 Inch23.933-1/43/42800 Lbs
  810-SX10 Inch23.733-1/412800 Lbs
  810-SW10 Inch24.033-1/41-1/42800 Lbs
  810-SX-LB10 Inch21.532-3/163-15/162800 Lbs
  812-SX-T1012 Inch25.933-1/43/43000 Lbs
  812-SX12 Inch25.033-1/413000 Lbs
  812-SW12 Inch25.633-1/41-1/43000 Lbs
  812-SX-LB12 Inch23.533-1/41-15/163000 Lbs