Stackable Chair Truck

A heavy-duty hand truck specifically designed to easily and safely transport 10-12 stackable banquet/church type chairs. The 60” tall tubular steel frame helps to stabilize the stacked chairs and will aid in easing over the tall load. The front extension will accommodate all sizes of leg chair spacings. The truck also features long extended stairs climbers for easy trucking over stairs and curbing. Applications include auditoriums, schools, churches, banquet halls and meeting centers. Truck has durable -coated powder finish.
Item #Wheel typeShip WeightHandle HeightWheel SizeWheel Order NoIncludes StairClimbersHandtruck CapacityHandle Width
  C-120-10PNSemi-Pneumatic40 lbs60 Inches Inch10 x 2.75 InchesSP-10-2-AYes500 lbs18 Inches Inch
  C-120-10FPNFull Pneumatic35 lbs60 Inches Inch10 x 3.5 InchesFPN-10-6Yes500 lbs18 Inches Inch
  C-120-10FFFlat Free37 lbs60 Inches Inch10 x 3 InchesE-FF-10Yes500 lbs18 Inches Inch