Series S11-03 Light/Medium Duty Stem Casters

Part # S11-03-3-TPR
Stem Caster With Thermoplastic Rubber Wheel

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Capacity up to 300 lbs.
The stem version of our Series 03 caster. Cold-formed for extra strength and rigidity. Rugged king pin construction. Zinc electro-galvanized finish assures a bright appearance and rust prevention. These economy casters serve a multitude of applications where smooth, quiet and mobile operation is essential. They move easily over door sills, ramps and other floor obstructions. The popular answer for economical light- to medium-load moving. Stem Size: 1/2-13 x 1" Lg.

  • Easy rolling
  • Moves easily over door sills, ramps and other floor obstructions
  • Cold-formed for extra strength and rigidity
  • Zinc electro-galvanized finish for bright appearance and rust prevention
Item #Wheel SizeBearing TypeStyleWheel TypeOverall HeightLoad Capacity
  S11-02-2-HR2PlainSwivelHard Rubber2 5/8 Inch100
  S11-02-3-HR3PlainSwivelHard Rubber3 1/4 Inch125
  S11-03-35-PBB3-1/2 x 1-1/4BallSwivelPolyurethane/Poly4 3/4 Inch225
  S11-03-3-HR3 x 1-1/4PlainSwivelSolid Rubber Hard4 1/4 Inch250
  S11-03-3-HRR3RollerSwivelHard Rubber4 1/4 Inch250
  S11-03-3-IRB3RollerSwivelSemi-steel4 1/4 Inch300
  S11-03-3-SR3 x 1-1/4PlainSwivelSolid Rubber Soft4 1/4 Inch125
  S11-03-3-TPR3 x 1-1/4BallSwivelThermoplastic Rubber4 1/4 Inch250
  S11-03-3-PH3 x 1-1/4PlainSwivelPolyolefin 4 1/4 Inch250
  S11-03-3-PBB3 x 1-1/4BallSwivelPolyurethane/Poly4 1/2 Inch150
  S11-03-4-HR4 x 1-1/4RollerSwivelSolid Rubber Hard5 Inch300
  S11-03-4-MC4RollerSwivelPhenolic5 Inch300
  S11-03-4-PBB4 x 1-1/4BallSwivelPolyurethane/Poly5 Inch250
  S11-03-4-PH4 x 1-1/4PlainSwivelPolyolefin5 Inch275
  S11-03-4-TPR4 x 1-1/4BallSwivelThermoplastic Rubber5 Inch275
  S11-03-5-MC5RollerSwivelPhenolic6 1/16 Inch300
  S11-03-5-HR5 x 1-1/4PlainSwivelSolid Rubber Hard6 1/16 Inch300
  S11-03-5-PH5 x 1-1/4PlainSwivelPolyolefin6 1/16 Inch300
  S11-03-5-SR5 x 1-1/4PlainSwivelSolid Rubber Soft6 1/16 Inch200
  S11-03-5-TPR5 x 1-1/4BallSwivelThermoplastic Rubber6 1/16 Inch300