V-Platform Trucks

Capacity up to 2,000 lbs.
Finally, a platform truck built for the 21st century that has value, function and style. This truck has all those necessities combined into one simple package. The ""V"" Series platform truck
  • a 1"" continuous tubular steel frame. The deck and casters are bolted to steel channel cross members, and the frame has rounded front corners to protect walls, boxes and doorways. The decks are varnished hardwood which are easy to replace when damaged or soiled. Also the complete unitized welded steel frames have fixed pipe pockets for use with an optional removable rack or pipe handle.
    • Durable green powder coated finish on frame & handle (handle optional).
    • Sturdy 1" tubular steel frame.
    • Varnished hardwood deck is easy to replace when damaged or soiled.
    • Rounded front corners to protect door frames and walls.
    • Unitized welded steel frame.
    • Widest selection of wheels from the 5inch Rubber Mold-on to the large 12 Inch full pneumatic."
Item #Deck SizeWheel SizeDeck HeightLoad CapacityWeightWheel type
  V-28-Q-2448-FPN24x488x2 1/210120037Full Pneumatic
  V-25-Q-2448-RT24x485x27140037Rubber Mold-On
  V-210-Q-2448-FPN24x4810x3 1/212 1/2140041Full Pneumatic
  V-26-Q-2448-RT24x486x27 3/4165041Rubber Mold-On
  V-28-Q-2448-RT24x488x210200045Rubber Mold-On
  V-212-Q-2448-FPN24x4812x3 1/216 1/2180058Full Pneumatic
  V-28-Q-3060-FPN30x608x2 1/210120059Full Pneumatic
  V-25-Q-3060-RT30x605x27140059Rubber Mold-On
  V-210-Q-3060-FPN30x6010x3 1/212 1/2140063Full Pneumatic
  V-26-Q-3060-RT30x606x27 3/4165062Rubber Mold-On
  V-28-Q-3060-RT30x608x210200066Rubber Mold-On
  V-212-Q-3060-FPN30x6012x3 1/216 1/2180080Full Pneumatic
  V-28-Q-3672-FPN36x728x2 1/210120088Full Pneumatic
  V-25-Q-3672-RT36x725x27140070Rubber Mold-On
  V-210-Q-3672-FPN36x7210x3 1/212 1/2140092Full Pneumatic
  V-26-Q-3672-RT36x726x27 3/4165082Rubber Mold-On
  V-28-Q-3672-RT36x728x210200085Rubber Mold-On
  V-212-Q-3672-FPN36x7212x3 1/216 1/21800109Full Pneumatic