Series AC800 Polyurethane/Aluminium Core

Capacity up to 1,000 lbs
.This wheel provides maximum floor protection, great reliability and durable polyurethane tread bonded to an aluminum wheel core. The AC800 Series has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. Resistant to corrosion, rust, chemicals, solvents and oils. The polyurethane tread is non-marking, non-sparking, abrasive resistant and quiet operating. Temperature range - 45°F to + 180°F Durometer hardness 90-92 shore A scale.
  • Maximum floor protection.
  • Non-marking.
  • Easy rolling.
  • High resistance to corrosion, rust, chemicals, solvents and oils.
  • Manufacturer's Note: 3/4"" bore can be reduced to 1/2"" with a P6HT bushing. Bushing sold separately.
Item #Wheel SizeShip Weight (lbs.)Tread WidthHub LengthBore or Bearing SizeLoad Capacity
  AC-804-RA4 Inch0.91-1/21-5/81-3/16675 Lbs
  AC-804-RA-LB4 Inch0.81-1/21-5/83/4675 Lbs
  AC-824-CC4 Inch1.022-3/165/8675 Lbs
  AC-824-RB4 Inch1.022-3/161-3/16900 Lbs
  AC-824-RB-LB4 Inch0.922-3/163/4900 Lbs
  AC-824-RC4 Inch1.022-3/163/4900 Lbs
  AC-805-CC5 Inch1.41-1/21-5/81-3/16675 Lbs
  AC-805-RA-LB5 Inch1.21-1/21-5/85/8750 Lbs
  AC-805-RB5 Inch1.51-1/21-5/83/4750 Lbs
  AC-805-RC5 Inch1.51-1/21-5/83/4750 Lbs
  AC-825-CC5 Inch1.622-3/165/8675 Lbs
  AC-825-RB5 Inch1.722-3/161-3/161000 Lbs
  AC-825-RB-LB5 Inch1.422-3/163/41000 Lbs
  AC-825-RC5 Inch1.722-3/163/41000 Lbs
  AC-826-CC6 Inch2.022-3/165/8675 Lbs
  AC-826-RB6 Inch2.122-3/161-3/161000 Lbs
  AC-826-RB-LB6 Inch1.822-3/163/41000 Lbs
  AC-826-RC6 Inch2.122-3/163/41000 Lbs
  AC-828-CC8 Inch2.222-3/165/8675 Lbs
  AC-828-RB8 Inch2.322-3/161-3/161000 Lbs
  AC-828-RB-LB8 Inch2.022-3/163/41000 Lbs
  AC-828-RC8 Inch2.322-3/163/41000 Lbs