Series 24-34 Heavy Duty Casters

Series 24 Swivel Caster
with rubber/mold-on cast iron wheel
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Series 34 Rigid Caster
with rubber/mold-on cast iron wheel
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Capacity up to 1,800 lbs.
These heavy-duty, double-ball race swivel casters are specially designed with extra-large raceways. Main load raceway features 1/2" steel ball bearings that roll freely under maximum rated loads. Hardened 5/16" steel ball bearings roll smoothly in hardened lower raceway. They are also designed to accommodate 2" and 2 1/2" tread width wheels. All components are cold-formed for demanding loads and rugged services. These casters boast an extra margin of strength that will result in long, dependable service on any heavy-duty application. The Series 34 rigid casters meet the same operating requirements. They're built tough with structurally formed legs with extra-heavy top plates to withstand heavy loads and continuous shocks. Top plate size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/4". Slotted bolt-hole spacing: 3 7/16" to 3 13/16" x 5 3/16" to 7 1/16".

  • Towline carts
  • Food processing trucks
  • Utility trucks
  • Frame racks
  • Production dollies
  • Dough troughs
  • Pan trucks

  • One-piece swivel caster fork construction
  • No welds
  • Assures less failure, longer life
  • 3/4" king pin is hot-forged securing ball races, holding raceway alignment and adding strength and durability
  • Fully hardened, 1/2" main caster upper steel balls roll freely in a hardened raceway for top performance under maximum rated loads
  • Hardened 5/16" lower steel balls roll freely in hardened lower raceway
  • Gray powder coat finish provides better corrosion resistance

  • Grease seals on all roller bearing wheels Add suffix WS
Item #Wheel SizeStyleWheel TypeLoad Capacity
  24-8-HC8 InchSwivelHi Cap Mold-on1000 lbs
  24-8-PO8 InchSwivelPolyurethane/Mold-on1200 lbs
  24-8-MC8 InchSwivelPhenolic1200 lbs
  24-85-IRB8 InchSwivelSemi Steel1500 lbs
  24-85-RT8 InchSwivelRubber Mold-On700 lbs
  24-85-HC8 InchSwivelHi Cap Mold-on1300 lbs
  24-85-PO8 InchSwivelPolyurethane/Mold-on1500 lbs
  24-85-MC8 InchSwivelPhenolic1500 lbs
  24-10-IRB10 InchSwivelSemi Steel1800 lbs
  24-10-RT10 InchSwivelRubber Mold-On800 lbs
  24-10-HC10 InchSwivelHi Cap Mold-on1500 lbs
  24-10-MC10 InchSwivelPhenolic1800 lbs
  34-8-HC8 InchRigidHi Cap Mold-on1000 lbs
  34-8-PO8 InchRigidPolyurethane/Mold-on1200 lbs
  34-8-MC8 InchRigidPhenolic1200 lbs
  34-85-IRB8 InchRigidSemi Steel1500 lbs
  34-85-RT8 InchRigidRubber Mold-On700 lbs
  34-85-HC8 InchRigidHi Cap Mold-on1300 lbs
  34-85-PO8 InchRigidPolyurethane/Mold-on1500 lbs
  34-85-MC8 InchRigidPhenolic1500 lbs
  34-10-IRB10 InchRigidSemi Steel1800 lbs
  34-10-RT10 InchRigidRubber Mold-On800 lbs
  34-10-HC10 InchRigidHi Cap Mold-on1500 lbs
  34-10-MC10 InchRigidPhenolic1800 lbs