Series 600 Polyolefin Wheels

Capacity up to 800 lbs.
The injection molded polyolefin wheel that's recognized as the "roll-easy" lasting performer. Protects floors, non-marking, withstands impacts. Superb resistance to both water and chemicals makes this wheel the solution for wet and sloppy conditions. More durable and less costly that other wheels of comparable capacities. Operating temperatures from -20F up to +230F. Wide selection of bearing type and load ratings to meet most requirements. Consider this type for food processing, warehousing, manufacturing and office operations.

  • Protects floors, non-marking, withstands impacts.
  • Resistant to water and chemicals, great for wet and sloppy conditions.
Item #Wheel SizeShip Weight (lbs.)Tread WidthHub LengthBore or Bearing SizeLoad Capacity
  601-OA2 Inch0.1111/4150 Lbs
  602-XB2-1/2 Inch0.21-1/81-3/83/8175 Lbs
  602-XB-L2-1/22-1/2 Inch0.21-1/81-3/81/4175 Lbs
  603-OB3 Inch0.31-1/41-1/21/2250 Lbs
  603-OB-X3H3 Inch0.31-1/41-1/23/8250 Lbs
  604-OA4 Inch0.41-1/21-5/81/2375 Lbs
  1-604-OA4 Inch0.21-1/41-1/21/2300 Lbs
  1-604-OA-3H4 Inch0.21-1/41-1/25/16300 Lbs
  1-604-OA-X3H4 Inch0.21-1/41-1/23/8300 Lbs
  604-CC4 Inch0.41-1/21-11/161/2300 Lbs
  604-RA4 Inch0.41-1/21-11/161/2375 Lbs
  604-RA-4H4 Inch0.41-1/21-11/163/8375 Lbs
  604-RA-LB4 Inch0.31-1/21-11/1615/16375 Lbs
  624-CC4 Inch0.522-3/163/4450 Lbs
  624-CC-P6HT4 Inch0.622-3/161/2450 Lbs
  624-OC4 Inch0.522-1/43/4400 Lbs
  624-OC-P6H4 Inch0.622-1/41/2400 Lbs
  624-RB4 Inch0.722-3/165/8500 Lbs
  624-RB-LB4 Inch0.522-3/161-3/16500 Lbs
  624-RC4 Inch0.722-3/163/4500 Lbs
  624-RC-P6HT4 Inch0.822-3/161/2500 Lbs
  1-605-OA5 Inch0.41-1/41-1/21/2325 Lbs
  1-605-OA-3H5 Inch0.41-1/41-1/25/16325 Lbs
  1-605-OA-X3H5 Inch0.41-1/41-1/23/8325 Lbs
  605-CC5 Inch0.81-1/21-5/83/4440 Lbs
  605-CC-P5H5 Inch0.91-1/21-5/81/2440 Lbs
  605-RB5 Inch1.01-1/21-5/85/8440 Lbs
  605-RC5 Inch0.91-1/21-5/83/4440 Lbs
  605-RB-LB5 Inch0.71-1/21-5/81-3/16440 Lbs
  605-RB-5H5 Inch1.01-1/21-5/81/2440 Lbs
  625-RC-P6HT5 Inch1.022-3/161/2650 Lbs
  625-RC5 Inch0.922-3/163/4650 Lbs
  625-CC5 Inch0.822-3/163/4650 Lbs
  625-RB-LB5 Inch0.722-3/161-3/16650 Lbs
  625-H5 Inch0.622-1/41/2650 Lbs
  625-OC-P6H5 Inch0.922-1/41/2550 Lbs
  625-OC5 Inch0.822-1/43/4550 Lbs
  626-RC-P6HT6 Inch1.122-3/161/2750 Lbs
  626-CC-P6HT6 Inch1.022-3/161/2750 Lbs
  626-RB6 Inch1.122-3/165/8750 Lbs
  626-RC6 Inch1.022-3/163/4750 Lbs
  626-CC6 Inch0.922-3/163/4675 Lbs
  626-RB-LB6 Inch0.822-3/161-3/16750 Lbs
  626-H6 Inch0.722-1/41/2675 Lbs
  626-OC-P6H6 Inch1.022-1/41/2650 Lbs
  626-OC6 Inch0.922-1/43/4650 Lbs
  608-CH8 Inch1.922-3/161/2600 Lbs
  608-CC-P6HT8 Inch1.922-3/161/2800 Lbs
  608-SA-P6HT8 Inch2.022-3/161/2800 Lbs
  608-SA8 Inch1.922-3/163/4800 Lbs
  608-CC8 Inch1.822-3/163/4675 Lbs
  608-SX-LB8 Inch1.722-3/161-3/16800 Lbs