ELQ Platform Trucks

Capacity up to 2,200 lbs.
his all-steel bound frame platform truck is ideal for industrial and commercial applications. Heavy angle and rectangular tubing steel frame is welded to formed channel caster mounts. Hardwood deck has two lengthwise heavy-duty battens for added strength. Deck can be easily replaced when soiled or damaged. Fixed pipe pockets are used for removable rack and pipe handles. Has durable powder coated green finish.
Item #Deck SizeWheel SizeDeck HeightLoad CapacityWeightWheel type
  ELQ-2448-6RT24x486x29 1/4160087Rubber Mold-On
  ELQ-2448-6PDR24x486x29 1/4220079Polyolefin
  ELQ-2448-8RT24x488x211 1/2200093Rubber Mold-On
  ELQ-2448-8FPN24x488x2 1/211 1/2120089Full Pneumatic
  ELQ-2754-6RT27x546x29 1/4160098Rubber Mold-On
  ELQ-2754-6PDR27x546x29 1/4220090Polyolefin
  ELQ-2754-8RT27x548x211 1/22000104Rubber Mold-On
  ELQ-2754-8FPN27x548x2 1/211 1/21200100Full Pneumatic
  ELQ-3060-6RT30x606x29 1/41600108Rubber Mold-On
  ELQ-3060-6PDR30x606x29 1/42200100Polyolefin
  ELQ-3060-8RT30x608x211 1/22000114Rubber Mold-On
  ELQ-3060-8FPN30x608x2 1/211 1/21200110Full Pneumatic
  ELQ-3060-10FPN30x6010x3 1/2141400117Full Pneumatic
  ELQ-3672-6RT36x726x29 1/41600139Rubber Mold-On
  ELQ-3672-6PDR36x726x29 1/42200131Polyolefin
  ELQ-3672-8RT36x728x211 1/22000145Rubber Mold-On
  ELQ-3672-8FPN36x728x2 1/211 1/21200141Full Pneumatic
  ELQ-3672-10FPN36x7210x3 1/2141400148Full Pneumatic
  ELQ-3672-12FPN36x7212x3 1/2181800160Full Pneumatic