Series 1800 Polyurethane Tread Wheels

Roller Bearing Wheel
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Ball Bearing Wheel
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Capacity up to 900 lbs
.The Series 1800 Wheels offer the same benefits as the Series 800, but are lighter weight and more economical. This combination wheel gives you the advantages of a polyurethane tread with maximum resistance to abrasion with a quiet, non-marking ride. And also provides you with a high-density polyethylene hub that's strong and light weight. 1 1/4 inch tread width in the 3 1/2, 4 & 5 inch diameter wheels all have ball bearings with thread guards. They fit in the Series 03/13 Casters. 2 inch tread width, 4 through 8 inch diameter wheels come with either a roller bearing or a Delrin bearing. They fit in these casters: Series 21/31, Series N22/N32, Series 23/33, Series W26/W36.
  • Economical, strong, light weight, abrasion resistant and a quiet non-marking ride.
Item #Wheel SizeShip Weight (lbs.)Tread WidthHub LengthBore or Bearing SizeLoad Capacity
  1-1803-BX3 Inch0.51-1/41-5/83/8225 Lbs
  1-1835-BX3 1/2 Inch0.61-1/41-5/83/8200 Lbs
  1-1804-BX4 Inch0.71-1/41-5/83/8250 Lbs
  1824-RC4 Inch1.122-3/163/4500 Lbs
  1824-RC-P6HT4 Inch1.222-3/161/2500 Lbs
  1-1805-BX5 Inch0.81-1/41-5/83/8275 Lbs
  1825-CC5 Inch1.722-3/163/4675 Lbs
  1825-CC-P6HT5 Inch1.822-3/161/2675 Lbs
  1825-RC5 Inch1.822-3/163/4750 Lbs
  1825-RC-P6HT5 Inch2.122-3/161/2750 Lbs
  1826-CC6 Inch1.922-3/163/4675 Lbs
  1826-CC-P6HT6 Inch2.022-3/161/2675 Lbs
  1826-RC6 Inch2.022-3/163/4750 Lbs
  1826-RC-P6HT6 Inch2.422-3/161/2750 Lbs
  1828-RC8 Inch2.322-3/163/4900 Lbs
  1828-RC-P6HT8 Inch2.422-3/161/2900 Lbs