Econoweight Hardwood Platform Trucks

Part Number: E-28-Q-3060-RT
Handle Part Number: 408-30-HDL
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Capacity up to 2,000 lbs.
Sturdy hardwood deck models carrying loads up to 2,000 Ibs. Econoweight Series platform trucks are constructed of tongue-and-grooved seasoned hardwood decks with underside battens for added rigidity so platform will not warp or separate. Decks have countersunk bolts providing a smooth platform. Standard wheels for trucks are rubber mold-on (RT) or full pneumatic (FPN). Optional wheels are available. Consult factory for other wheel options. Select deck size and caster wheel size, for the load capacity desired. Select optional handle from chart.
  • 1" thick kiln-dried hardwood decking.
  • Reinforcing cross battens.
  • Decks have countersunk bolts providing a smooth platform.
  • Optional handles available.
Item #Deck SizeWheel SizeDeck HeightLoad CapacityWeightWheel type
  E-25-Q-1830-RT18x305x28 1/2140036Rubber Mold-On
  E-25-Q-2442-RT24x425x28 1/2140049Rubber Mold-On
  E-25-Q-2448-RT24x485x28 1/2140053Rubber Mold-On
  E-26-Q-2448-RT24x486x29 1/4160057Rubber Mold-On
  E-28-Q-2448-RT24x488x211 1/2200063Rubber Mold-On
  E-28-Q-2448-FPN24x488x2 1/211 1/2120068Full Pneumatic
  E-210-Q-2448-FPN24x4810x3 1/214140064Full Pneumatic
  E-212-Q-2448-FPN24x4812x3 1/218180081Full Pneumatic
  E-25-Q-2754-RT27x545x28 1/2140061Rubber Mold-On
  E-26-Q-2754-RT27x546x29 1/4160065Rubber Mold-On
  E-28-Q-2754-RT27x548x211 1/2200071Rubber Mold-On
  E-28-Q-2754-FPN27x548x2 1/211 1/2120068Full Pneumatic
  E-210-Q-2754-FPN27x5410 X 3 1/214140072Full Pneumatic
  E-212-Q-2754-FPN27x5412x3 1/218180089Full Pneumatic
  E-25-Q-3060-RT30x605x28 1/2140071Rubber Mold-On
  E-26-Q-3060-RT30x606x29 1/4160075Rubber Mold-On
  E-28-Q-3060-RT30x608x211 1/2200081Rubber Mold-On
  E-28-Q-3060-FPN30x608 X 2 1/211 1/2120078Full Pneumatic
  E-210-Q-3060-FPN30x6010x3 1/214140082Full Pneumatic
  E-212-Q-3060-FPN30x6012x3 1/218180099Full Pneumatic
  E-26-Q-3672-RT36x726x29 1/4160097Rubber Mold-On
  E-28-Q-3672-RT36x728x211 1/22000103Rubber Mold-On
  E-28-Q-3672-FPN36x728 X 2 1/211 1/21200100Full Pneumatic
  E-210-Q-3672-FPN36x7210x3 1/2141400104Full Pneumatic
  E-212-Q-3672-FPN36x7212x3 1/2181800121Full Pneumatic