Series 28-38 Extra Heavy Duty Trailer Casters

Series 28 Swivel Caster
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Series 38 Rigid Caster
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Capacity up to 3,500 lbs.
When applications call for extra-heavy duty, this series meets the requirements. With load ratings up to 3,500 lbs. per caster and 3-inch tread width wheels. The casters are built from heavy plate steel with heat-treated ball races, hardened bearings and sealed raceways. Equipped with a hardened 1-inch king bolt welded to the top plate that will not stretch or break loose. Heavy-duty features include precision tapered roller bearing with seal that keeps dirt and dust out, while greasing purges old lube. Wheels are available for all types of floor surfaces and job conditions. A pinned, slotted nut is used to adjust the swivel bearings to give you smooth and accurate swiveling.

  • Corrugated steel box trucks
  • Heavy production
  • fixtures/jigs Machinery
  • dollies Portable work benches/storage racks
  • Steel trucks
  • Gantry cranes
  • Aircraft assembly dollies
  • Parts bins
  • Conveyor systems

  • Load ratings up to 3,500 lbs
  • Withstands severe shock and overloading
  • Center mounted, precision tapered roller bearing
  • Assures exact raceway alignment for easier swiveling
  • 6-,8-, and 10-inch "V" groove wheels available with load ratings up to 3,500 lbs
  • 10-inch HI-CAP mold-on rubber wheels, start easier and move 1,800-lb
  • loads with less effort
  • Easier trailing action with cushioned mold on rubber and polyurethane wheels
  • Unhampered swiveling action
  • Green powder coat finish

  • Wheel retainer seal on wheels with roller bearings, add suffix WS
Item #Wheel SizeBearing TypeStyleWheel TypeOverall HeightLoad Capacity
  28-6-VG6 x 2-1/2 InchRollerSwivelV Groove/Semi Steel8-1/8 Inch2500 lbs
  DU-28-6-VG6 x 2-1/2 InchRollerSwivelV Groove Ductile8-1/8 Inch3500 lbs
  28-6-IRB6 x 2-1/2 InchRollerSwivelSemi Steel8-1/8 Inch1500 lbs
  28-6-DU6 x 2-1/2 InchRollerSwivelDuctile8-1/8 Inch3500 lbs
  28-6-PO6 x 2-1/2 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane/Semi-Steel center8-1/8 Inch1300 lbs
  28-6-MC6 x 2-1/2 InchRollerSwivelPhenolic/Canvas8-1/8 Inch1600 lbs
  28-8-IRB8 x 3 InchRollerSwivelSemi Steel10-1/2 Inch2500 lbs
  28-8-DU8 x 3 InchRollerSwivelDuctile10-1/2 Inch3500 lbs
  28-8-LP8 x 3 InchRollerSwivelRubber Mold-on/Semi-Steel Center10-1/2 Inch840 lbs
  28-8-PO8 x 3 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane/Semi-Steel center10-1/2 Inch2500 lbs
  28-8-MC8 x 3 InchRollerSwivelPhenolic/Canvas10-1/2 Inch2500 lbs
  28-10-IRB10 x 3 InchRollerSwivelSemi Steel12-1/2 Inch2700 lbs
  28-10-DU10 x 3 InchRollerSwivelDuctile12-1/2 Inch3500 lbs
  28-10-PO10 x 3 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane/Semi-Steel center12-1/2 Inch2800 lbs
  28-10-MC10 x 3 InchRollerSwivelPhenolic/Canvas12-1/2 Inch2900 lbs
  28-12-PO12 x 3 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane/Semi-Steel center14-1/2 Inch3000 lbs
  28-12-MC12 x 3 InchRollerSwivelPhenolic/Canvas14-1/2 Inch3500 lbs
  38-6-VG6 x 2-1/2 InchRollerRigidV Groove/Semi Steel8-1/8 Inch2500 lbs
  DU-38-6-VG6 x 2-1/2 InchRollerRigidV Groove Ductile8-1/8 Inch3500 lbs
  38-6-IRB6 x 2-1/2 InchRollerRigidSemi Steel8-1/8 Inch1500 lbs
  38-6-DU6 x 2-1/2 InchRollerRigidDuctile8-1/8 Inch3500 lbs
  38-6-PO6 x 2-1/2 InchRollerRigidPolyurethane/Semi-Steel center8-1/8 Inch1300 lbs
  38-6-MC6 x 2-1/2 InchRollerRigidPhenolic (Spacers needed)8-1/8 Inch1600 lbs
  38-8-IRB8 x 3 InchRollerRigidSemi-Steel10-1/2 Inch2500 lbs
  38-8-DU8 x 3 InchRollerRigidDuctile Iron10-1/2 Inch3500 lbs
  38-8-LP8 x 3 InchRollerRigidRubber/Mold-On/Semi-Steel center10-1/2 Inch840 lbs
  38-8-PO8 x 3 InchRollerRigidPolyurethane/Semi-Steel center10-1/2 Inch2500 lbs
  38-8-MC8 x 3 InchRollerRigidPhenolic10-1/2 Inch2500 lbs
  38-10-IRB10 x 3 InchRollerRigidSemi-Steel12-1/2 Inch2700 lbs
  38-10-DU10 x 3 InchRollerRigidDuctile Iron12-1/2 Inch3500 lbs
  38-10-PO10 x 3 InchRollerRigidPolyurethane/Semi-Steel center12-1/2 Inch2800 lbs
  38-10-MC10 x 3 InchRollerRigidPhenolic12-1/2 Inch2900 lbs
  38-12-PO12 x 3 InchRollerRigidPolyurethane/Semi-Steel center14-1/2 Inch3000 lbs
  38-12-MC12 x 3 InchRollerRigidPhenolic14-1/2 Inch3000 lbs