E Series Oak Hardwood Lever Dollies

Capacity up to 5000 lbs.These husky durable "E" lever dollies easily get under extremely heavy loads with the reversed beveled nose iron, which is bolted to the handle for greater strength. Lever dollies have a 5" wide x 3" deep nose iron and the oak hardwood handles have smooth, rounded edges. Wheel options are semi-steel with plain bore (IW), polyurethane mold-on cast iron (PO), and rubber mold-on cast iron (RT). Lever dollies are typically used in pairs.
Item #Load CapacityWeightHandle LengthWheel Order No
  E60-IW3500 lbs2960124-A
  E60-PO3500 lbs2760825-RC
  E60-RT3500 lbs2660525-RC
  E72-IW4250 lbs3172124-A
  E72-PO4250 lbs2972825-RC
  E72-RT4250 lbs2872525-RC
  E84-IW5000 lbs3384124-A
  E84-PO5000 lbs3184825-RC
  E84-RT5000 lbs3284525-RC
  E72 Nose IronN/A8N/AN/A
  E72 AxleN/A2.6N/AN/A