Series 1700 Phenolic Canvas Wheel

Capacity up to 3,500 lbs
Here is the most economical wheel for most general-purpose applications. Used for high-capacity requirements, this type is composed of macerated canvas that is impregnated with phenolic resins. Operates more quietly than steel with the same capacity of metal. Rolls easily, yet protects floors. Resists shock, water and oil. Rated at 90 ± 5 (Shore D) hardness, able to withstand -50F to +250F continuous temperatures.
  • Economical for most general-purpose applications.
  • Quiet, rolls easily, protects floors.
  • Resists shock, water and oil"
Item #Wheel SizeShip Weight (lbs.)Tread WidthHub LengthBore or Bearing SizeLoad Capacity
  1703-RB3 Inch0.51-1/41-3/81/2250 Lbs
  1703-RB-P3H3 Inch0.51-1/41-3/85/16250 Lbs
  1703-RB-SX3H3 Inch0.51-1/41-3/83/8250 Lbs
  1703-RB-LB3 Inch0.31-1/41-3/81-1/16250 Lbs
  1704-RA4 Inch0.81-1/21 5/81/2600 Lbs
  1704-RA-MC4H4 Inch0.81-1/21 5/83/8600 Lbs
  1704-RX4 Inch0.61-1/41-3/81/2350 Lbs
  1704-RX-P3H4 Inch0.61-1/41-3/85/16350 Lbs
  1704-RX-SX3H4 Inch0.61-1/41-3/83/8350 Lbs
  1724-CC4 Inch1.122-3/163/4675 Lbs
  1724-CC-P6HT4 Inch1.222-3/161/2675 Lbs
  1724-RB4 Inch1.322-3/165/8800 Lbs
  1724-RC4 Inch1.322-3/163/4800 Lbs
  1724-RC-P6HT4 Inch1.322-3/161/2800 Lbs
  1704-RX-LB4 Inch0.41-1/41-3/81-1/16350 Lbs
  1704-RA-LB4 Inch0.61-1/21-5/81-3/16600 Lbs
  1724-RB-LB4 Inch1.122-3/161-3/16800 Lbs
  1705-CC5 Inch1.11-1/21-5/83/4600 Lbs
  1705-CC-P5H5 Inch1.21-1/21-5/81/2600 Lbs
  1705-RB5 Inch1.21-1/21-5/85/8600 Lbs
  1705-RB-5H5 Inch1.41-1/21-5/81/2600 Lbs
  1705-RC5 Inch1.21-1/21-5/83/4600 Lbs
  1705-RX5 Inch1.31-1/41-3/81/2600 Lbs
  1705-RX-P3H5 Inch1.31-1/41-3/85/16600 Lbs
  1705-RX-SX3H5 Inch1.31-1/41-3/83/8600 Lbs
  1725-CC-P6HT5 Inch1.722-3/161/2675 Lbs
  1725-OC5 Inch1.622-3/163/41000 Lbs
  1725-RB5 Inch1.822-3/165/81000 Lbs
  1725-RC5 Inch1.722-3/163/41000 Lbs
  1705-RX-LB5 Inch1.01-1/41-3/815/16600 Lbs
  1705-RB-LB5 Inch1.11-1/21-5/81-3/16600 Lbs
  1725-RC-P6HT5 Inch1.822-3/161/21000 Lbs
  1725-RB-LB5 Inch1.522-3/161-3/161000 Lbs
  1726-H6 Inch1.822-3/161/21200 Lbs
  1726-RC-P6HT6 Inch2.422-3/161/21200 Lbs
  1726-RB6 Inch2.422-3/165/81200 Lbs
  1726-RC6 Inch2.322-3/163/41200 Lbs
  1726-RB-LB6 Inch2.122-3/161-3/161200 Lbs
  1736-RD-27-86 Inch3.72-1/22-3/43/41600 Lbs
  1736-RD6 Inch3.62-1/22-3/47/81600 Lbs
  1736-RD-LB6 Inch3.22-1/22-3/41-7/161600 Lbs
  1708-SA-P6HT8 Inch3.822-3/161/21400 Lbs
  1708-CC-P6HT8 Inch3.722-3/161/2675 Lbs
  1708-SX8 Inch3.822-3/165/81400 Lbs
  1708-SB-88 Inch4.022-3/165/81400 Lbs
  1708-SA8 Inch3.722-3/163/41400 Lbs
  1708-CC8 Inch3.622-3/163/4675 Lbs
  1708-SB8 Inch3.822-3/167/81400 Lbs
  1708-SC8 Inch3.722-3/1611400 Lbs
  1708-SA-LB8 Inch3.522-3/161-3/161400 Lbs
  1758-SA-88 Inch5.62-1/22-3/45/82000 Lbs
  1758-SA-27-88 Inch5.52-1/22-3/43/42000 Lbs
  1758-SA8 Inch5.42-1/22-3/47/82000 Lbs
  1758-SB8 Inch5.42-1/22-3/412000 Lbs
  1758-SA-LB8 Inch5.02-1/22-3/41-7/162000 Lbs
  1768-SB-T108 Inch7.333-1/43/42500 Lbs
  1768-SB8 Inch7.033-1/412500 Lbs
  1768-SB-LB8 Inch6.633-1/41-15/162500 Lbs
  1710-SA-810 Inch7.22-1/22-3/45/82500 Lbs
  1710-SA-27-810 Inch7.12-1/22-3/43/42500 Lbs
  1710-SM10 Inch7.12-1/22-3/43/42500 Lbs
  1710-SA10 Inch7.02-1/22-3/47/82500 Lbs
  1710-SB10 Inch7.02-1/22-3/412500 Lbs
  1710-SA-LB10 Inch6.72-1/22-3/41-9/162500 Lbs
  1710-SX-T1010 Inch9.433-1/43/42900 Lbs
  1710-SX10 Inch8.933-1/412900 Lbs
  1710-SW10 Inch9.133-1/41-1/42900 Lbs
  1710-SX-LB10 Inch8.533-1/41-15/162900 Lbs
  1712-SX-T1012 Inch13.033-1/43/43500 Lbs
  1712-SX12 Inch12.733-1/413500 Lbs
  1726-SW12 Inch12.533-1/41-1/43500 Lbs
  1712-SX-LB12 Inch12.133-1/41-15/163500 Lbs