Bantamweight Oak Platform Trucks

Part Number: B-28-Q-3060-RT
Handle Part Number: 408-30-HDL
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Capacity up to 2,000 lbs.
Sturdy oak deck models carrying loads up to 2,000 Ibs. For use in industry, hotels, warehouses and stores. Bantamweight Series platform trucks are constructed of tongue-and-grooved seasoned oak decks with underside battens for added rigidity so platform will not warp or separate. Decks have countersunk bolts providing a smooth platform. Standard wheels for trucks are rubber mold-on (RT) or full pneumatic (FPN). Optional wheels are available. Consult factory for other wheel options. Select deck size and caster wheel size, for the load capacity desired. Select optional handle from chart.
  • Durable powder coated finish on casters.
  • 1" thick kiln dried, machined tongue & groove oak decking.
  • Reinforcing cross battens.
  • Decks have countersunk bolts providing a smooth platform.
  • Optional handles available.
Item #Deck SizeWheel SizeDeck HeightLoad CapacityWeightWheel type
  B-25-Q-2442-RT24x425x28 5/8110057Rubber Mold-On
  B-25-Q-2448-RT24x485x28 5/8110066Rubber Mold-On
  B-26-Q-2448-RT24x486x29 1/4160069Rubber Mold-On
  B-28-Q-2448-FPN24x488x2 1/211 1/4120070Full Pneumatic
  B-210-Q-2448-FPN24x4810x3 1/213 3/4140073Full Pneumatic
  B-212-Q-2448-FPN24x4812x3 1/217 3/4180081Full Pneumatic
  B-25-Q-2748-RT27x485x28 5/8110071Rubber Mold-On
  B-26-Q-2748-RT27x486x29 1/4160074Rubber Mold-On
  B-28-Q-2748-RT27x488x211 3/4200080Rubber Mold-On
  B-28-Q-2748-FPN27x488x2 1/211 1/4120074Full Pneumatic
  B-210-Q-2748-FPN27x4810x3 1/213 3/4140077Full Pneumatic
  B-212-Q-2748-FPN27x4812x3 1/217 3/4180090Full Pneumatic
  B-25-Q-2754-RT27x545x28 5/8110072Rubber Mold-On
  B-26-Q-2754-RT27x546x29 1/4160076Rubber Mold-On
  B-28-Q-2754-RT27x548x211 3/4200085Rubber Mold-On
  B-28-Q-2754-FPN27x548x2 1/211 1/4120074Full Pneumatic
  B-210-Q-2754-FPN27x5410x3 1/213 3/4140078Full Pneumatic
  B-212-Q-2754-FPN27x5412x3 1/217 3/4180095Full Pneumatic
  B-25-Q-3060-RT30x605x28 5/8110076Rubber Mold-On
  B-26-Q-3060-RT30x606x29 1/4160080Rubber Mold-On
  B-28-Q-3060-RT30x608x211 3/4200091Rubber Mold-On
  B-28-Q-3060-FPN30x608x2 1/211 1/4120078Full Pneumatic
  B-210-Q-3060-FPN30x6010x3 1/213 3/4140082Full Pneumatic
  B-212-Q-3060-FPN30x6012x3 1/217 3/4180099Full Pneumatic
  B-26-Q-3672-RT36x726x29 1/41600133Rubber Mold-On
  B-28-Q-3672-RT36x728x211 3/42000139Rubber Mold-On
  B-28-Q-3672-FPN36x728x2 1/211 1/41200133Full Pneumatic
  B-210-Q-3672-FPN36x7210x3 1/213 3/41400139Full Pneumatic
  B-212-Q-3672-FPN36x7212x3 1/217 3/41800154Full Pneumatic