Series TL-S11 Total Lock Stem Casters

Capacity up to 275 Lbs.
A double braking swivel caster for light-duty applications. Foot operated brake will lock both the swivel of the caster and also will lock the wheel from rolling. Threaded stem size: 1/2" - 13" x 1"
Item #Wheel SizeBearing TypeWheel TypeOverall HeightLoad CapacityWeight
  TLS11-03-3SR3 x 1-1/4PlainSoft Rubber4 3/81251.5 Lbs
  TLS11-03-3SRR3 x 1-1/4RollerSoft Rubber5 3/81251.6 Lbs
  TLS11-03-3TPR3 x 1-1/4BallThermoplastic/Rub.6 3/82001.7 Lbs
  TLS11-03-4SR4 x 1-1/4PlainSoft Rubber5 1/41502.0 Lbs
  TLS11-03-4SRR4 x 1-1/4RollerSoft Rubber5 1/41502.1 Lbs
  TLS11-03-4TPR4 x 1-1/4BallThermoplastic/Rub.5 1/42252.2 Lbs
  TLS11-03-5SR5 x 1-1/4PlainSoft Rubber6 5/162002.5 Lbs
  TLS11-03-5SRR5 x 1-1/4RollerSoft Rubber6 5/162002.6 Lbs
  TLS11-03-5TPR5 x 1-1/4BallThermoplastic/Rub.6 5/162752.7 Lbs
  TLS11-03-5PBB5N/APolyurethane/Polyethylene6 5/162752.6 Lbs