Series 300 Soft Rubber Tread Wheels

Capacity up to 410 lbs.
These wheels feature a soft rubber tread molded around a hard rubber composition hub. These wheels are best suited for light loads, noise reduction or rough flooring. The plain, self-lubricating whhels have a press-in, oil-impregnated bearing sleeve that requires no maintenance. These wheels are resistant to water, oil and most chemicals.

  • Best suited for light loads, noise reduction or rough flooring.
  • Maintenance-free and easy rolling with press-in oil impregnated bearing sleeves.
  • Resistant to water, oil and most chemicals.
Item #Wheel SizeShip Weight (lbs.)Tread WidthHub LengthBore or Bearing SizeLoad Capacity
  301-OA2 Inch0.17/81 -1/161/4100 Lbs
  302-XB2-1/2 Inch0.211 -5/163/8110 Lbs
  302-XB-2-1/22-1/2 Inch0.211 -5/161/4110 Lbs
  303-OB3 Inch0.41-1/41-1/21/2170 Lbs
  303-OB-3H3 Inch0.41-1/41-1/25/16170 Lbs
  303-OB-X3H3 Inch0.41-1/41-1/23/8170 Lbs
  303-RB3 Inch0.51-1/41-1/21/2170 Lbs
  303-RB-3H3 Inch0.51-1/41-1/25/16170 Lbs
  303-RB-LB3 Inch0.41-1/41-1/215/16170 Lbs
  303-RB-X3H3 Inch0.51-1/41-1/23/8170 Lbs
  1-304-RX4 Inch0.91-1/41-1/21/2150 Lbs
  1-304-RX-3H4 Inch0.91-1/41-1/25/16150 Lbs
  1-304-RX-LB4 Inch0.81-1/41-1/215/16150 Lbs
  1-304-RX-X3H4 Inch0.91-1/41-1/23/8150 Lbs
  304-RA4 Inch0.91-1/41-11/161/2225 Lbs
  304-RA-4H4 Inch0.91-1/41-11/163/8225 Lbs
  304-RA-LB4 Inch0.81-1/41-11/1615/16225 Lbs
  1-305-OA-3H5 Inch1.21-1/41-1/25/16200 Lbs
  1-305-OA-X3H5 Inch1.21-1/41-1/23/8200 Lbs
  1-305-OA5 Inch1.21-1/41-1/21/2200 Lbs
  305-RB-5H5 Inch1.61-1/21-15/161/2280 Lbs
  305-OB-5H5 Inch1.61-15/161-1/21/2280 Lbs
  305-RB5 Inch1.61-1/21-15/165/8280 Lbs
  305-OB5 Inch1.61-1/21-15/165/8280 Lbs
  305-RB-LB5 Inch1.31-1/21-15/161-3/16280 Lbs
  306-RB-P6H6 Inch2.922-1/41/2410 Lbs
  306-OA-6H6 Inch2.822-1/41/2410 Lbs
  306-RA6 Inch2.922-1/45/8410 Lbs
  306-OA6 Inch2.822-1/45/8410 Lbs
  306-RB6 Inch2.922-1/43/4410 Lbs
  306-RA-LB6 Inch2.522-1/41-3/16410 Lbs