Series N22-N32 Medium to Heavy Duty Casters

Series N22 Swivel Caster
with polyurethane/mold-on cast iron wheel
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Series N32 Rigid Caster
with rubber/mold-on cast iron wheel
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Capacity up to 1,200 lbs.
The revolutionary concept for medium/heavy-duty casters. Two significant features make this caster different from all the rest. A one-piece fork/horn, and a one-piece combination lower ball race and king pin. It's never been accomplished before. A deep-drawn formed fork/horn, with no welds mounted on a 4 x 4 1/2 inch top plate. The one-piece fork/horn design distributes loads across the larger portion of the ball race. The one-piece combination lower ball race and king pin improves structure rigidity and easier swiveling. The 3/4 inch diameter king pin is orbital cold forged for superior strength and stability. This unique design provides smooth swivel action, less swivel strain, assuring longer life. Lubricated, hardened roller bearings and ground bushings give you a caster that can withstand loads up to 1200 lbs. Powder coating fights corrosion. American-made with superior quality control at every manufacturing step. These are the medium/heavy-duty answers for strong caster applications. All at the most competitive prices.

  • Platform & stock trucks/dollies
  • Trash, mail & cargo containers
  • Freight terminal trucks
  • Bakery equipment
  • Food service & housekeeping carts

  • One-piece swivel caster horn construction, no welds
  • Assures less failure, longer life
  • Fewer swivel caster parts mean less chance of failure
  • 3/4 inch king pin is orbit formed
  • Unitized design provides longer life
  • Swivel casters have hardened top plate and fork to assure longer wear life to both upper and lower ball raceways
  • Swivel casters have a nylon grease seal ring on the upper ball raceway Keeps dirt out and retains a large grease reservoir
  • Grey powder coat finish or zinc-plated finish available
  • Meets ASMEB56 11-1 industry standards
  • 4 x 4 1/2-inch top plate will fit into N22-QCP quick-change pad

  • Foot brake(Can be factory or field installed) eg-FB-N22 or FBH-N22
  • Wheel grease seals
  • New optional lower hall race cap seal Flexible PVC cap that can be factory or field installed and protects against dirt and grit getting into lower raceway
  • Temp Range
SwivelRigidWheel SizeBearing TypeStyleWheel TypeOverall HeightLoad Capacity
  N22-4-IWN32-4-IW4 InchPlainSwivelSemi Steel5-5/8 Inch1000 lbs
  N22-4-IRB N32-4-IRB4 InchRollerSwivelSemi Steel5-5/8 Inch1000 lbs
  N22-4-VG N32-4-VG4 InchRollerSwivelSemi Steel5-5/8 Inch1000 lbs
  N22-4-SR N32-4-SR 4 InchPlainSwivelSolid Rubber Soft5-5/8 Inch300 lbs
  N22-4-HR N32-4-HR 4 InchPlainSwivelSolid Rubber Hard5-5/8 Inch500 lbs
  N22-4-HRR N32-4-HRR 4 InchRollerSwivelSolid Rubber Hard5-5/8 Inch500 lbs
  N22-4-RT N32-4-RT 4 InchRollerSwivelRubber Mold-on/Semi-Steel Center5-5/8 Inch290 lbs
  N22-4-PO N32-4-PO 4 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane/Semi-Steel center5-5/8 Inch900 lbs
  N22-4-PO-AC N32-4-PO-AC 4 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane/Alum.5-5/8 Inch900 lbs
  N22-4-PH N32-4-PH 4 InchPlainSwivelPolyolefin5-5/8 Inch400 lbs
  N22-4-PDI N32-4-PDI 4 InchDelrinSwivelPolyolefin5-5/8 Inch450 lbs
  N22-4-PDR N32-4-PDR 4 InchRollerSwivelPolyolefin5-5/8 Inch500 lbs
  N22-4-PRI N32-4-PRI 4 InchDelrinSwivelPolyurethane5-5/8 Inch500 lbs
  N22-4-PRB N32-4-PRB 4 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane/Poly5-5/8 Inch500 lbs
  N22-4-TPR N32-4-TPR 4 InchRollerSwivelThermoplastic/Rub.5-5/8 Inch325 lbs
  N22-4-MC N32-4-MC 4 InchRollerSwivelPhenolic/Canvas5-5/8 Inch800 lbs
  N22-5-IW N32-5-IW 5 InchPlainSwivelSemi Steel6-1/2 Inch1000 lbs
  N22-5-IRB N32-5-IRB 5 InchRollerSwivelSemi Steel6-1/2 Inch1000 lbs
  N22-5-RT N32-5-RT5 InchRollerSwivelRubber Mold-on/Semi-Steel Center6-1/2 Inch350 lbs
  N22-5-HC N32-5-HC5 InchRollerSwivelHi Cap Mold-on6-1/2 Inch700 lbs
  N22-5-PO N32-5-PO5 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane/Semi-Steel center6-1/2 Inch900 lbs
  N22-5-POAC N32-5-POAC5 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane/Aluminum6-1/2 Inch1000 lbs
  N22-5-PRB N32-5-PRB5 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane6-1/2 Inch750 lbs
  N22-5-PRI N32-5-PRI5 InchDelrinSwivelPolyurethane6-1/2 Inch675 lbs
  N22-5-PH N32-5-PH5 InchPlainSwivelPolyolefin6-1/2 Inch550 lbs
  N22-5-PDR N32-5-PDR5 InchRollerSwivelPolyolefin6-1/2 Inch650 lbs
  N22-5-PDI N32-5-PDI5 InchDelrinSwivelPolyolefin6-1/2 Inch650 lbs
  N22-5-TPR N32-5-TPR5 InchRollerSwivelThermoplastic/Rubber6-1/2 Inch325 lbs
  N22-5-MC N32-5-MC5 InchRollerSwivelPhenolic6-1/2 Inch1000 lbs
   N22-5-MCI N32-5-MCI5 InchDelrinSwivelPhenolic6-1/2 Inch675 lbs
  N22-5-PDI-HD N32-5-PDI-HD5 InchDelrinSwivelPolyolefin6-1/2 Inch675 lbs
  N22-6-IW N32-6-IW6 InchPlainSwivelSemi Steel7-1/4 Inch1200 lbs
  N22-6-IRB N32-6-IRB6 InchRollerSwivelSemi Steel7-1/4 Inch1200 lbs
  N22-6-VG N32-6-VG6 InchRollerSwivelSemi Steel/V-Groove7-1/4 Inch1200 lbs
  N22-6-HR N32-6-HR6 InchPlainSwivelSolid Rubber Hard7-1/4 Inch650 lbs
  N22-6-RT N32-6-RT6 InchRollerSwivelRubber/Mold On7-1/4 Inch410 lbs
  N22-6-HC N32-6-HC6 InchRollerSwivelHi-Cap/Mold On7-1/4 Inch820 lbs
  N22-6-PO N32-6-PO6 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane7-1/4 Inch1100 lbs
  N22-6-POAC N32-6-POAC6 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane/Aluminum7-1/4 Inch1100 lbs
  N22-6-PRB N32-6-PRB6 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane7-1/4 Inch750 lbs
  N22-6-PRI N32-6-PRI6 InchDelrinSwivelPolyurethane7-1/4 Inch675 lbs
  N22-6-PH N32-6-PH6 InchPlainSwivelPolyolefin7-1/4 Inch650 lbs
  N22-6-PDR N32-6-PDR6 InchRollerSwivelPolyolefin7-1/4 Inch750 lbs
  N22-6-PDR-HD N32-6-PDR-HD6 InchRollerSwivelPolyolefin (HD)7-1/4 Inch1200 lbs
  N22-6-MC N32-6-MC6 InchRollerSwivelPhenolic/Canvas7-1/4 Inch1200 lbs
  N22-6-TPR N32-6-TPR6 InchRollerSwivelThermoplastic/Rubber7-1/4 Inch410 lbs
  N22-8-IRB N32-8-IRB8 InchRollerSwivelSemi Steel9-1/2 Inch1200 lbs
  N22-8-RT N32-8-RT8 InchRollerSwivelRubber/Mold On9-1/2 Inch500 lbs
  N22-8-HC N32-8-HC8 InchRollerSwivelHi-Cap/Mold On9-1/2 Inch1000 lbs
  N22-8-PO N32-8-PO8 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane9-1/2 Inch1200 lbs
  N22-8-POAC N32-8-POAC8 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane/Aluminum9-1/2 Inch1200 lbs
  N22-8-PDR N32-8-PDR8 InchRollerSwivelPolyolefin9-1/2 Inch800 lbs
  N22-8-PDI N32-8-PDI8 InchDelrinSwivelPolyolefin9-1/2 Inch675 lbs
  N22-8-PDR-HD N32-8-PDR-HD8 InchRollerSwivelPolyolefin (HD)9-1/2 Inch1200 lbs
  N22-8-PDI-HD N32-8-PDI-HD8 InchDelrinSwivelPolyolefin (HD)9-1/2 Inch675 lbs
  N22-8-MC N32-8-MC8 InchRollerSwivelPhenolic/Canvas9-1/2 Inch1200 lbs
  N22-8-PRB N32-8-PRB8 InchRollerSwivelPolyurethane9-1/2 Inch800 lbs
  N22-8-TPR N32-8-TPR8 InchRollerSwivelThermoplastic/Rubber9-1/2 Inch500 lbs