EP/22-EP32 Series Full-Pneumatic

Capacity up to 450 Lbs.
Now delicate loads move more smoothly and safely over rough surfaces with these new, fully pneumatic wheel casters. Fairbanks' new "Air Ride" full-pneumatic wheel casters greatly reduce the bouncing and jostling associated with other casters over difficult surfaces. It's like riding on air. Wheels are a 4-ply tire with inner tube for extra cushion. Casters feature zinc-plated finish with double-ball raceway and grease fitting. Sizes: 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch. Recommended for hotels, hospitals and institutions. Perfect for quiet operation and floor protection. They're non-skidding, giving you smooth and even movement.
Item #Wheel SizeStyleOverall HeightLoad CapacityWeightTread Width
  E-P22-8-FPRN8 InchSwivel10 -1/2 Inch3007 Lbs2 -1/2 Inch
  E-P22-10-FPN10 InchSwivel12- 1/2 Inch3509 Lbs3 -1/2 Inch
  E-P22-12-FPN12 InchSwivel15 -1/2 Inch45012 Lbs3 -1/2 Inch
  E-P32-8-FPN8 InchRigid10 -1/2 Inch3006.4 Lbs2 -1/2 Inch
  E-P32-10-FPN10 InchRigid12 -1/2 Inch3508.2 Lbs3 -1/2 Inch
  E-P32-12-FPN12 InchRigid15 -1/2 Inch45011.2 Lbs3 -1/2 Inch