Heavy-Duty U-Boat Platform Trucks feature a zero turning radius and load capacity up to 1800 lbs.These trucks are designed to maneuver down narrow aisles and turn easily in confined areas on 6" non-marking wheels.
Item #Deck SizeDeck HeightLoad CapacityLoad WheelsLoad Wheel TypeTypeSwivel CastersSwivel Wheel TypeShip Weight
  SUB-03-1660-4PH16 x 609-1/21800 lbs6 x 2PolyurethaneSteel Deck4 x 1-1/4Polyolefin82
  SUB-03-1660-4PBB16 x 609-1/21800 lbs6 x 2Poly on PolySteel Deck4 x 1-1/4Poly on Poly81
  PUB-03-1660-4PH16 x 609-1/21800 lbs6 x 2PolyurethaneWood Deck4 x 1-1/4Polyolefin84
  PUB-03-1660-4PBB16 x 609-1/21800 lbs6 x 2Poly on PolyWood Deck4 x 1-1/4Poly on Poly83