Series 200 V-Groove Wheels

Capacity up to 4,000 lbs.
V-Groove wheels are designed to move very heavy loads on inverted angle iron tracks without destroying floor surfaces. These same wheels can also be used to roll on regular floors. When operated on tracks, they offer a most effective low-cost method of taking loads off the plant floor and establishing production line flow. Look to this type of wheel where you encounter acute impact, or where temperatures can crystallize other kinds of wheels. V-Groove wheels, in either semi-steel or ductile iron, come with standard hardened alloy steel roller bearings. Grease fittings for lubrication are provided in all wheel hubs. Ductile iron V-Groove wheels have machined groove and tread 7/8" wide x 7/16" deep.

  • Designed to move very heavy loads on inverted angle iron track or regular floors.
  • Best choice for situations where acute impact occurs or temperatures can crystallize other kinds of wheels.
Item #Wheel SizeShip Weight (lbs.) Tread WidthHub LengthBore or Bearing SizeLoad Capacity
  244-RA-4H4 Inch3.51-1/21-11/163/8800
  244-RA4 Inch3.51-1/21-11/161/2800
  244-RA-LB4 Inch3.41-1/21-11/1615/16800
  DU-244-RC-P6HT4 Inch4.622-3/161/21200
  DU-224-RC4 Inch4.622-3/163/41200
  234-RB4 Inch4.622-3/163/41200
  235-RB5 Inch5.222-3/163/41200
  235-RB-LB5 Inch5.022-3/161-3/161200
  236-RA-LB6 Inch5.422 -3/161-3/161200
  236-RB-P6HT6 Inch5.722 -3/161/21200
  236-RA6 Inch5.722-3/165/81200
  236-RB6 Inch5.722 -3/163/41200
  236-RA-LB6 Inch5.422-3/161-3/161200
  246-RD-25-56 Inch10.62-1/22-3/43/42500
  DU-246-RD-25-56 Inch10.52-1/22-3/43/43500
  246-RD6 Inch10.42-1/22-3/412500
  DU-246-RD6 Inch10.32-1/22-3/413500
  246-RD-LB6 Inch9.62-1/22-3/41-9/162500
  DU-246-RD-LB6 Inch9.52-1/22-3/41 9/163500
  268-SRD-8DU8 Inch16.32-1/22-3/45/82500
  DU-268-SRD-8DU8 Inch16.22-1/22-3/45/83500
  268-SRD-25-58 Inch16.22-1/22-3/43/42500
  DU-268-SRD-25-58 Inch16.12-1/22-3/43/43500
  268-SRD8 Inch16.02-1/22-3/412500
  DU-268-SRD8 Inch15.92-1/22-3/413500
  268-SRD-LB8 Inch15.22-1/22-3/41-9/162500
  DU-268-SRD-LB8 Inch15.12-1/22-3/41-9/163500